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 Rancor Raid Phase 1 - TM Master

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MessageSujet: Rancor Raid Phase 1 - TM Master   Dim 5 Mar - 21:04

Hello Bros,

For those of you who are trying to understand how to master phase 1 in the Rancor Raid, the videos below helped me a lot to understand the process.

You will see it is pretty simple.
However this will work only with 7 stars toons, with the right mods and more importantly with high gears.

You need some TM gurus like :
Teebo (L) With maximum potency
QGJ (Basic attack, Already have some nice potency, so speed up is a good choice for Mods)
Rex (Not only decreasing TM with Basic attack but also remove Debuff)
Yoda (With Potency on his third skill - Not as effective than Teebo or QGJ)
Bistan (with Potency can empty the TM + increase his own TM with his second skill)

Some support to increase your squad TM or Slow down the Rancor:
Captain Phasma (with a lot of heath) - Slow down Rancor and increase TM squad
The Elder Ewok : great symbiosis with Teebo (heal, remove debut, increase Teebo TM with Basic attack)

You will need to score some damages too:
Leia is a good choice because of her stealth skill
Rey is fine but a little bit weak in terms of Health
The combo Wedge + Biggs is potentially good but is taking two slots

My preferred choice would be : Teebo L / Rex / Leia / QGJ / Phasma


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Jim Raynor

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MessageSujet: Re: Rancor Raid Phase 1 - TM Master   Lun 6 Mar - 21:14

Awesome, thanks Germinoule.  I'll add my two cents.  My main team right now is Teebo (L), QGJ, Leia, Yoda, Phasma.  However, I'm always working on getting better toons to fill the spots (i.e. Rex, etc.).
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Rancor Raid Phase 1 - TM Master
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