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MessageSujet: AAT RAID RULES   Mar 4 Juil - 17:44

Dear Guildies,

We have been progressing so fast that i think now it is time to sit down and reflect.
Our goal as a team is to be able to clear HAAT (so we can all farm GK) but in order to that we really need to approach this new challenge as a team.

Therefore here are the rules i propose to put in place for our AAT.

On Phase 1 : We will ONLY send Jedi Squads

On Phase 2 : ONLY Droids / Clones or Princess Zody / Zader

On Phase 3 : Chirpatine as a priority but the rule is NO REBELS. Phase 3 is a little bit specific as there are many ways to clear it.

On Phase 4: Rebels Only

Completing the raid will indeed take longer but we will be able to monitor our performance for the HAAT.

Important : Please announce the Squad you are sending in and after give your score

It will encourage everybody to farm the right toons for the right phase.

Thank you


PS : Here are the ideal standard squads for each phase:

Jedi A : QGJ Zeta (L) / Yoda / IGD / JKA / ASHOKA

Jedi B : AAYLA (L) and whatever you have left

Droids (P2) : HK47 (L) / IG 86 / IG 88 / Jawa Engineer / Chief Nebit

Clones (P2) : Zody (L) / Rex / Echo / Clone Sergent / 5s

Princess Zody (P2 and P4) : Zody (L) / Leia / Echo / Clone Sergent / 5s

Zader (P2) : Zader (L) / Shaman Tusken / Zidious / Bobba / Ewok Elder

Chirpatine (P3) : Chirpa (L) / EP / Royal Guard / Sun Fac / STH (he can be replaced by Thrawn)

Rebels (P4) : Wedge (L) / Biggs / Leia / Lando / Phasma

Good Luck  affraid

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MessageSujet: Re: AAT RAID RULES   Mar 4 Juil - 22:18

I am good with that.

It is quite clear
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